Island Hopping


While it was a little difficult to leave Middle Percy Island after such a lovely couple of days, life must go on and so we did, a short passage this time, only 25 nautical miles to Digby Island… how our perspective has changed! 6 months ago Pittwater to the Harbour (18 nautical miles) seemed a very long way!!

Digby Island is a rather small island with a little fringing reef. We anchored quite well, I thought, however after Craig dived on the anchor we discovered the anchor chain across a couple of low profile rocks/ bombies, adding a little anchor anxiety, which then proceeded to scrape (the chain across the rocks) all night. However the noise was minimal from the aft cabin and the anchor came up well the next morning. Phew!

Digby is a pretty little island with a nice beach that is sand at one end and rocky at the other. We went ashore, played in the sand and attempted a walk up the hill to seek a couple of bars of phone reception to let family know that we were in fact alive and well, having been out of phone reception for most of the week.

We saw some curious turtles, who would often pop their heads up and check us out as they came up for breath, but getting a photo of them, near impossible!

The next morning we then headed for Mackay, the trip was fairly uneventful, dodging the ships past Hay Point as we came through the shipping channels. We have stayed at Mackay Marina for a few days to regroup, reprovision, repair the bilge pump with the new part that we had delivered to Mackay and refuel.

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