Percy Island: : Life is pretty good


We are now anchored in West Bay, Middle Percy Island. This place fulfils most peoples picture of a deserted tropical island. Palm trees, a beautiful sandy beach, inviting blue water, coconuts.


It is a famous Aussie ‘yachtie’ spot, maybe notorious because despite it’s immense beauty other than too yachtie’s it doesn’t exist. You won’t find it in any Tourism Queensland brochure, there is no day spa, and there are no tourist boats. There is however the ‘Percy Hilton’. An A frame hut with amenities like running water, shade and bits and pieces to help the visitior enjoy paradise, it is also where you can leave a memento or plaque with your boat’s name.


After anchoring we wandered ashore and chatted with some of the other yachties before searching for friend’s plaques around the A frame(ours is not yet finished we will leave it here when we head south).

On the way to Middle Percy we caught a Spotted Mackerel, so dinner back aboard was a spicy Thai-inspired take on barbecued fish with coconut rice and salad.


All the other boats in the bay had left by the time we finished breakfast the next day, and so we had the place to ourselves. We sat on the beach and read and swam, drunk fresh coconut juice and argued about what day of the week it actually was. Sophie built some sandcastles with me, played contently and slept.


It is  at times like this that it is hard to actually remember our lives before we left, the pace of what we used to do and all the frustrations. Our daily priorities and routine at the moment are so different.


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