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Ionian Dreaming

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After our leisurely couple of months cruising in Italy we had finally worked our way up the East coast of ‘the boot’ .  After a few days in Saint Maria di Leuca resting up and stocking up on prosciutto and Italian wine, we woke early one morning, followed the fishing fleet out of Harbour and began our passage to Corfu, Greece.

The wind began filling in nicely and with flat seas and a small breeze we were approaching Greece at the very sedate pace of 4 knots, music playing, school and snacks out in the cockpit, watching ships pass on the AIS.

Our landfall was at a pretty bay on the small island of Othonoi. Here we found ourselves arriving into the middle of the Greece of our dreams! Blue water lapped peacefully on a small white pebble beach. As the day trippers left and with only a gentle swell we settled down for the night in paradise.

The next day we made for Gouvia Marina on Corfu to officially check in to Greece. One of the biggest Marina’s in the Mediterranean we enjoyed a couple of days by the pool with snacks and cool beer!

While we enjoyed the change of scenery, it was a large charter centre with tourist restaurants and tourist prices. A shock from the quiet Italian towns we had become accustomed too.

After the long distances we had been covering in Italy, Ionian Greece was relaxed sailing though. Pleasant day sails, cheap town quays and small Tavernas for dinner.


It is also true that this part of the world is now well frequented by charter boats, but being late in the season we weren’t particularly troubled by this.

One well protected gorgeous bay that is certainly well used by charterers is Lakka Bay.  We happily wasted a week on anchor here, swimming, eating and exploring only occasionally disturbed by the shouts of a new charterer trying to get their anchor down!





Sammy turns 2 (weeks)

2 weeks old with a Christmas under his belt and a new year begun and Sammy seems to be taking life his stride so far.  


Between the four of us,  some of the time, some of us are getting some sleep. Which is about all that can be hoped for if my blurry recollection of Sophie’s first few months are anything to go by. 

Sammy met the boat today. Josie is quite keen to get out sailing.  Balmy weather, regular sea breezes it is hard not to want to. 

Which does mean that yes the title of our blog was perhaps a little shortsighted and will need modification in the future! ( Notepad is at the ready for brainstorming during 2am feeds).

When it was initially created Sailing with Sophie was basically for friends/relatives to find photos of Sophie and us while we were cruising and so was thus named! 

Meanwhile the list of boat jobs is quietly building steadily, we will be out of the water early Feb, there are new electronics to install( dedicated post coming on this) a new dodger, the genoa needs repairs, the liferaft needs a service and there are a 101 little jobs that seem to never end .

Spring is here

After a very wet August, Spring has finally arrived here in Sydney!

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Winter on Pittwater

Winter on Pittwater

Lazy days sailing on Pittwater………. The new wind instrument and AIS have been installed. Fridge fixed ( again).