Recent Work Completed

( Still under construction…….err this page not the boat…….although the boat does seem like it is perpetually under construction as well……give me a chance and I will try to put some way cool useful info here as I am working on our boat)


Windows replaced

We have replaced all the windows with 6mm perspex as the original windows were badly glazed.


Rudder Rebuilt

While on the slip this year after inspection it became apparent that the rudder was slipping slightly on the rudder stock. It  was dropped and Stewarts Shipwrights rebuilt the rudder. At the same time we also had the quadrant removed and rewelded/strengthened. Can highly recommend the work that Kian and team do at Stewart Shipwrights.

New Raymarine i60/i50 instruments


It was easy to install these front mount instruments. The new generation instruments do really want you to have sea talk network though.( …simply connect to sea talk for power and data)  So there goes another $200 if you actually want power to the instrument 😦 You can jury rig power to them for standalone use but I figured it was time to bite the bullet and began the inevitable process of turning our boat into a computer network 🙂 sigh.

New GME AIS receiver


Installed the unit under the Nav station table, with it’s own Targa mounted VHF Antenna.

Had a brainwave and made up a small cable so that the VHF transceiver can also be patched quickly to the AIS stern Antenna in the event of loosing the mast and ergo the mast antenna. Yes we do also have an ’emergency’ VHF antenna.


High Volume electric Bilge Pump added

Rule model as they seem easy to common as chips and inexpensive. Bought two so i always have a spare. Mounted in the bilge under the engine bay. High water Alarm also added.

Hoses renewed on both Manual Bilge Pumps

They were old and one had a joiner that had ‘soon to leak’ written all over it. Also didn’t like that it was run through the steering quadrant.

Two new PSS Shaft seals

” Hey honey whats all that water doing in the blige”. Uh Oh.

These seals are great until they are not and then they really are not. Ours had fatigued early because the shaft/engine was not properly aligned with the tube shaft. We lifted the engine to properly align and the seal was replaced but then of course a month later I entangled the prop( somewhat catastrophically) and buggered the whole thing.


New prop shaft

See above.

Hull stripped. Inspected for blisters. Faired and new Epoxy barrier coats applied.

This is one of those jobs that will leave a very big hole in your wallet and does absolutely no ‘wow’ to your boat. It is the root canal surgery of boat jobs but my gut was telling me it was time.

Hull was sodablasted. This is the preferred (“environmentally sensitive”?) way of stripping hulls here. No major blisters found, a couple of surface blisters on the rudder. All filled and faired before 2 x Epoxy barrier coats applied and then anti foul.

Engine Bay Insulation

enginebay insulation


New Anchor Windlass

Loftrans Tigress 1500w ( ridiculously oversized)

Deck repainted

Norglass Weatherfast

Keel Water Tank  ‘recommisioned’


New Mainsail

( Hood Dacron 3 reefs)

New Boombag/Lazy jacks


Standing rigging replaced

( Riggtech Newport)

Running rigging replaced

Masthead VHF antenna replaced

New Masthead lights/ mast rewired.

All seacocks replaced. All Bronze below waterline.

New Electric Head fitted

Holding tank installed

House Batteries replaced .

240AH Lead Acid in existing battery compartment. Bought the largest batteries that would fit the compartment basically.

Electrics largely rewired. 1500W Inverter added.

Laptop based navigation added.

For in Australia we went with Memory Map. These are Raster Charts( which we are into) and were surprisingly cheaper than other options. The only thing that is annoying is they charge you extra for the AIS feature. They also have no charts for areas outside of Australia.

We also run Open CPN. The level of features and the ongoing development of Open CPN is great. This is what use outside of Oz.

We have two laptops.


Fridge electronics replaced 2010

New Engine. Volvo Penta D1-30

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