Must read cruising with kids blogs


Ok these are  the TWO must read blogs if you are looking for inspiration to go cruising with your kids.

Windtraveller: A cruising family with a toddler, expecting twins, currently in the Caribbean.

OK, these guys are awesome.

Beyond the fact that we love them ’cause they are sailing with bubs, their photos are AMAZING, and this is one well written, funny, poignant blog.

SV Totem : Jamie, Behan and their three kids are currently in South East Asia. An inspiring family.

4 responses to “Must read cruising with kids blogs

  1. Agreed that Windtraveller is awesome!!!!

  2. Hey guys thanks for the nod, I am so glad you enjoy the Totem blog! Hope we get to share an anchorage someday. 🙂

  3. Well chosen, Behan is nothing but awesome (add helpful, knowledgeable, kind… anything else that awesome entails) and the crew from Windtraveller, although we don’t know them yet, have an absolutely professionally stunning slightly intimidating fantastic blog worthwhile checking out. Couldn’t agree more with your choice. Hope all’s well back in OZ. xx

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