An Update


We have spent a bit of time this year enjoying cruising the NSW coast.

We kind of rushed past alot of great spots on the way north in 2011 and although there are challenges sailing the NSW coast, it is good cruising in a part of the world to explore closer to home.

We have also been topping up the cruising kitty and are now working through  a major refit in addition to just being busy parents, which is why there has been a bit of a lack of cute Sophie photos on here lately!

There is a plan, head north up the east coast of Australia again, and then head into either Asia or the Pacific?…..and then????  Stay tuned!!

3 responses to “An Update

  1. Hey Mate,
    Are you guys still going to do the Louisaddes Rally?

  2. Hi, we are leaving this May from Brisbane heading over to Vanuatu then Fiji. We have met on the cruiser forum. Our blog is
    Good luck with the dream and hopefully we see you and the family out there.

  3. Thanks Jim! I do remember the thread on CF when you got the boat…..Just had a read through your blog, it really sounds like your getting things sorted and it won’t be long now!

    Good luck and likewise look forward to sharing some sundowners with you and the family out there in the future!!!

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