Rosslyn Bay

Provisioning at Yeppoon was made a little easier, by the fact that we managed to loan the courtesy car at the marina for a two hour block. Craig was on Sophie duty and I took the beat up old Toyota Corolla Sedan into Yeppoon. Having not driven a car for 2 months and traveling at a maximum speed of 7 knots (land lubbers: 7 knots= 7 nauitcal miles per hour= a little less than 13km/hour) I gained a new appreciation of just how fast automobiles actually go. I was in awe of this new discovery only to look down at my speedo and realise that I was infact only going 40km/hr in a 60 zone… lucky drivers in Yeppoon are patient.

We left Rosslyn Bay a day later than planned as the wind prediction changed, the anchorage we were going to head out to on Great Keppel Island wasn’t suitable anymore and my wrist gave way when it was taking the weight of a full kettle of water. My wrist is now much better with some time strapped up and some rest.

The trip down to Pancake creek started off a little uncomfortable due to rolly seas, the perfect recipe for sea sickness after a few nights in a marina. We faired well, with only a little queasiness, the smell of rotting algae, from all the blooms that had appeared, that we sailed through didn’t help the cause, so we were glad to get into clearer water as we headed south.

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