We commenced our assault on the Whitsundays at a more sedate pace, a lovely sail for most of the way from Mackay to Shaw Island, where we met a friendly local, a solitary bat fish that is rather curious, obviously other boaties must feed him, but given we had none of his proper diet on board of crustaceans, we just admired him.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


We spent two nights at the anchorage at Shaw Island, we attempted to go ashore and have a swim, but with the tide out the ankle deep water went out quite a way.

The beach was uncomfortable as there was no breeze in there to cool the scorching sun, so we went back to the boat and read books, took a nap, and then moved onto the usual sun downers of cheese and biscuits or guacamole and corn chips.


We then moved onto Cid Harbour, a familiar but favourite spot, it is a good all weather anchorage and because of that becomes more like a floating caravan park every evening, which ruins it a little, but none the less it has gorgeous aqua blue water and lovely sunsets across the Whitsunday passage.


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