Pancake Creek : Well here we are


After that lovely rainbow off Kingfisher Bay Resort (could not find that elusive pot of gold that some speak of) we headed across Hervey Bay to Bundaberg.

Considering it is suppose to be the place to see whales we thought we might see some, but no. The wind was up a little and the swell not very kind, but it was an overcast day and the sailing happened without incident. We arrived to the warm welcome of some RPAYC members who were there already, waiting to take our lines. We spent 2 nights at Port Bundaberg to refuel and reprovision.


We set off to Pancake Creek yesterday, the wind was reasonable, but the swell and seas making for a very lumpy passage and a little queasiness, but at least nothing compared to the chuckiness that occurred between Coffs Harbour and Southport. The weather however was not enjoyable, the rain poured down on us regularly and the wind was astern (coming from right behind us) the whole trip making it hard to get a nice sail trim. All this made it, as one of my crazy sailing instructors once said, a sport for babies: big smiles and wet bums, although I’m not sure that there was too much smiling going on, especially from the anchoring committee (yours truly) who after a few nervous moments when we nudged yet another sand bar and was then anchoring in the torrential rain.


We are at Pancake Creek for the day today. We went across to the drying sand bar this morning and met some of the local wildlife and hope to build sandcastles this afternoon.

We have well and truly caught up with two friends and we will all set off for the Keppel Islands tomorrow.


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