18 sleeps until the Sydney Boat Show




I love boat shows - The smell of gelcoat polish combined with flashy brochures and tanned models selling the dream of fun on the water whether it be in a *tinny, a megayacht or a new Bene.

One could very easily be cynical about these things.  No the smiling sales guy on the 50 footer telling you how much fun this boat would be up the Whtisundays won’t let you in on the joys of unblocking heads, dodgy electronics, coin op marina laundries, refuelling with jerry cans, marina showers, dragging anchors, prop entanglements and slipway bills.

But what’s the harm in dreaming? A life on the water is as good a dream as any.

We probably won’t buy much if anything at the show but we always learn a thing or two and see something interesting. Occasionally the smiling sales guy on the 50 footer gets bored or desperate for a sale(even though we clearly do not present as well heeled retirees) and we can ask him a question or two. At worst it’s a fun midwinter day out!

*tinny is Aussie slang for a small aluminium fishing boat.

What cruising is all about: Maintenance!

 Now some would add in exotic locations, but as it turns out we lucked out there as well.

While our diesel now purrs like a kitten it’s poorer mechanical cousin Stinky the 12 year old long suffering dinghy outboard has been overdue for some love after an impromptu swim at Great Keppel Island.

It is one of those jobs where you can spray some WD40 in there and hope for the best, or you bite the bullet and strip the whole thing down in the name of doing things properly knowing you will regret it almost immediately….but at least when it dies on you again in the middle of a rainy night you can say you did your best.

So far so good with a bit of help from dad(years of lawnmower ownership have made him an authority on 2 stroke motors).  A couple of new gaskets, replace some bearings, piston ring and hey presto Stinky will have a new lease of life. 


Winter on Pittwater

Winter on Pittwater

Lazy days sailing on Pittwater………. The new wind instrument and AIS have been installed. Fridge fixed ( again).


Sundowners in Broken Bay

Sundowners!Relaxing in Broken Bay Iolanthe style.

Corn Chips, Craig’s Gucamole, Rum, ducks.


Hugs for SV Rebel Heart

This video was put together by a bunch of cruising families in support of SV Rebel Heart who recently lost their boat.

We are sharing it with permission, in support of these guys, and because it is a fantastic sneak peak at cruising with kids.


A Brief Intro :)

A short compile of sailing the East Coast

A Favourite Spot: Percy Island


One question that inevitably comes up when we talk to people about cruising the Great Barrier Reef is what spots we absolutely loved.

While there were easily several places in this part of the world that we really enjoyed, one that was certainly right up there is Middle Percy Island.

Pretty infamous in cruising circles Middle Percy Island is the quintessential island cruising experience.


West Bay is a white sandy, inviting beach complete wih coconut palms and the ” Percy Hilton’ an A frame structure that serves as a meeting point and hangout for cruisers. Full of momentos from passing yachts and complete with the ‘swing’ and hammocks. A decent walk up the hill and you will find the homestead, where the current custodians of the island live. Refreshments and some fresh produce might be available, these guys are doing a great job of looking after the island.


Frowned on by Alan Lucas in his cruising guides as a uncomfortable anchorage we were lucky during our time there and only experienced some minor swell typical of any island anchorage in this area.


Warm days at Middle Percy  swimming in clear blue water, cooking fresh fish in coconut and watching a magic sunset every night made it a hard spot to leave. If you wanted to be social there were always other cruisers to get together with.  If not then watching life pass by pleasantly seemed to fill up  day.



The history of this island is umm well interesting, To find out more it about this fascinaing place visit