“So Where the Bloody Hell are you?”

That was the first line of a email I received this week from a cruising friend. (Echoing of course the words of Lara Bingle in that ill fated Australian tourism campaign).

The truth is we have been rather quiet on the inter webs – both by happenstance and design.

After the sale of our boat we decided to give ourselves somewhat of a forced six month break from boat shopping. With our daughter starting her first year of schooling and an active toddler on the go, the day to day of life seems to have kept us busy enough lately.


The worst thing about not owning a boat is not having a boat.

“Thats what a ship is, you know. Its not a keel and a hull and a deck and sails. Thats what a ship needs. But what a ship is. What the Black Pearl really is . . . is freedom.” – Jack Sparrow

Because most obviously the ability to go sailing is suddenly greatly diminished!

Despite life getting in the way of our more significant cruising plans last year, still if we had a free weekend (heck even a free afternoon) we could and did get out on the boat. I have owned sailing boats since I was 22 and they have always  been an escape, my happy place and besides without a list of boat projects I am just bored. I have always been one to also simply enjoy “Messing around in boats”.

The best thing about not having a boat is not owning a boat.

Boats do cost money. Boats do cost time. Boats can break your heart. All of these realities can be justified and romanticised but they are still the realities of owning what was in our case an older cruising yacht. There is just a responsibility in owning a boat. We have enjoyed taking a break from boat ownership.


Ok so confession time – we cracked. We didn’t actually last the 6 months, the first opportunity we got we went sailing.

When an opportunity came up we chartered a boat in Thailand for 2 weeks with a good friend. Warm water, good sailing, friendly people.The kids loved it.

It also confirmed that we were not ‘over sailing’. So for now we are back boat shopping with plans to do some extended cruising.

As fun as sitting in front of a globe of the world, with Yachtworld open and a calculator in my hand is, we do now need to get on with it. As we do we hope to post here about our experience of looking for and purchasing the right boat for us.


Koh Hong, Chartering in Thailand


Sophie at Phi Phi Don trying to find our Tender


Phuket, Chartering in Thailand


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